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White Dragon Kratom Strains:

White Kratom Strains Explained

Super White: 
Energetic, and Stimulating. Do you struggle with fatigue, exhaustion, waking up early in the morning, and or daytime drowsiness? then this one may be for you!

Stimulating while alleviating discomfort helps with  both pain and focus!

Relieves body aches as well as helping with depression and anxiety while improving your mood and focus!

Strong Stimulation with an immediate energy boost that will help improve your mood and social benefits!

Green and White mix helping more on the energy side while helping the underlining pain issues. Make sure you scale back your dosing when you first take it!

Green Kratom Strains Explained:

Super Green:

Pain Control and Energy. Not to energetic and not to sedating so it is generally used during the day. 

At low doses, it's said to provide energy and focus along with pain relief. At high doses, it may have more of a sedative effect. It's said to help with anxiety and depression.

Hulu Kapuas:
Improves mood while pushing the anxiety to the side giving you more of an increased sociability, while also helping alleviate tension in the nerves and muscles!

A milder alternative, having both stimulating and relaxing effects. However not to the point where you feel jittery and incapable of sleeping entirely!

Red Kratom Strains Explained:

Super Red:

Pain Control and Relaxation. can be effective with many chronic to mild pain conditions.

If you have insomnia, restless leg syndrome (RLS) or just have a hard time regulating your sleep cycles this strain specializes in these! While also helping alleviate pain throughout the night.  

Pain Relief and Well Being. More of a Euphoric effect on the body for a nice relaxing evening!

Pain relief for tension in the muscles and joints, while possibly having euphoria. In larger doses can reduce anxiety, smaller doses offer focus and productivity! 

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