submerge yourself in summer with this juicy and mouth watering watermelon salt water taffy.

Embark on the voyage with a warm crunch berry rice crispy treat covered in gooey marshmallow. 

Stay fresh with this thirst-quenching blend of watermelon strawberries, cantaloupe and honeydew followed by a splash of cooling menthol.

Head to the wooded northern coasts to sample the sticky, sweet stack of warm maple syrup pancakes.

Relax in the summer breeze with sweet and juicy peach nectar with a splash of refreshing iced tea.

Chill out with Refreshingly sweet glass of pink lemonade a summertime favorite.

Feel the ocean breeze while enjoying a cool glass of freshly juiced guava, mango and pineapple.

Indulge in the island life with a frosty blend of sugared strawberries, sweet coconut and a hint of golden pineapple.

Kick back and relax with the rich and earthly aromas that come only from authentic Cubans.

Experience waves of flavor from fresh apples,peaches and strawberries.

Stay fresh with this thirst-quenching blend of watermelon strawberries, Cantaloupe and honeydew.

Set out toward the bold flavors of this refreshing snow cone bursting with tangy mango, sweet blood orange, tart lemon and zesty lime.

Start your morning with a buttery blueberry and banana muffin from the coastal Corner bakery.

The subtle and delicious tones of ripe nectarine peaches covered with sweet sugar and candied. Grandma's favorite treat just got an upgrade with this fantastic Ejuice. If you enjoy the taste of a ripe peach but you need a little sweetness in your life, try Sugared Nectarine from Coastal Clouds.