Our Mission

~Stop Smoking  & Start Vaping

~Helping People Kick Ash and Butts since 2012  

~Replace the unhealthy habit of smoking tobacco products, (cigarettes, cigars and pipes) with the healthier lifestyle of Vaping.

Our Store

With over a thousand unique products in stock, we are your one stop shop. If you can't find it here, you won't find it anywhere else. We're constantly sampling new products and expanding our inventory in order to bring you the latest and greatest products. Our goal is to provide our customers with excellent products, rapid delivery, great prices and superb customer service. We are still the #1 original vape shop for 6 years and it definitely shows! 

Allin and Debi Still are the owners of Peace Pipe Vapor Store. They made the decision to trade their retirement plans to help people in their community find freedom from their addictions to harmful tobacco products and live healthier lives.  

About The Owners

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